The Reasons A Company's Corporate Secretary Is Irreplaceable

In the corporate world, secretarial services are crucial. Small and large businesses alike rely on the individuals who perform them for tasks that range from administrative to legal duties. These people are usually highly knowledgeable and skilled. They form the company’s backbone, after all.

A corporate secretarial service can also help when leading you through the setup and maintenance of a business. The minutia of administrative tasks will be taken care of by a corporate secretary so you can handle the rest without having to worry.

Why you should hire a corporate secretarial service 

It is a fact that is universally acknowledged that a company simply cannot go on without someone to perform secretarial services. They handle daily tasks that ensure your business goes off without a hitch. Here are just some of the duties that fall under their jurisdiction:

  • Bookkeeping

While you may have hired someone specially qualified to do your accounting, some minor bookkeeping will have to be handled externally by someone who provides secretarial services. They will have to be intimately familiar with the foundations of bookkeeping and retain a detailed account of the business’s financial transactions.

  • Business compliance 

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is a body of government that keeps an eye on whether or not companies are complying with business regulations in Singapore. If the annual report to be submitted is late, someone who provides secretarial services will be called to do them for you.

  • Statutory filings 

With the aid of a corporate secretary, statutory filings will be completed punctually. Rest easy in knowing that the severe consequences of being late won’t befall you when these services are provided.

  • Transcriptions  

Transcribing audio recordings concisely and correctly is no simple feat. One requires exemplary typing skills, quick comprehension, and perfect fluency that can only be harnessed with years of experience. Hiring corporate secretarial services takes care of this need efficiently.

What to look out for in a secretarial service provider 

There is no shortage of individuals in Singapore who can provide secretarial services. As such, choosing someone can be a perplexing undertaking. Firms like Express Corporate Services, for example, hire people with the proper skills and experience levels. Here are some things you should consider when finding the right person for your company’s needs:

  • How well-trained are they? 

The service providers must house people with the appropriate amount of training. Since their role is so vital to your company, consider the experience they have and their knowledge of the inner workings of the job before proceeding.

  • Are they worth the cost? 

It is important to ensure that all your investments are sound. This is no exception. Hiring from third-party service providers is often more affordable and financially savvy than the alternative while also ensuring that the quality of work produced is similar.


The idea that a secretary only takes notes or transcribes is completely untrue in this day and age. As you’ve seen, the corporate secretary’s role is invaluable and should be acknowledged as such. Express Corporate Services provides unparalleled corporate secretarial services in Singapore with a team that consists of consummate professionals who are highly skilled and experienced. For smooth sailing business operations, contact us today!