What happens if you don't have a good corporate secretary?

Corporate services are obligations that your business must attend to. If done poorly, they can result in grievous mistakes. Here are common ones businesses encounter without a good corporate secretary:

  • Important records will not be properly handled
  • Mistakes in year-end reports and other important records
  • Failing to notify the Registrar of changes in important company information and people such as office locations, directors, managers, and more.
  • Failing to validate business steps and information
  • Failing to comply with the Companies Act or Companies Regulations

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We are firm believers that maintaining a professional workspace comes with having a reliable secretarial team by your side. Whether you are handling clients from Singapore, meeting agendas, and memorandums, a corporate secretarial team works alongside you.

Trustworthy and Reliable: Two words to describe Corporate Secretarial

Secretaries provide support to C-level directors, chairmen, and executives. They often handle day-to-day directives from these high-seating officials and still manage to make agendas for meetings, memorandums for the office, and oversee the organization of the workload. Corporate secretarial services are offered here at Express Corporate Services, where we want you and your ventures to succeed. Get a free quote today!

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